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1995 Born in Osaka-city, Osaka, JAPAN

2018 B.F.A., in Fine Arts of Osaka-Kyoiku University

    Enrolled in Department of Arts and Culture,Osaka Kyoiku University Graduate School.

Group Exhibition


Iro iro kodomo-ten(Gallery1616/Osaka)

Group exhibition"The forbidden boy"(SUNABA GALLERY/Osaka)

Group exhibition"Shojo-igoku-Gedo-festival" 〜The homage exhibition to Kyusaku YUMENO〜(SUNABA GALLERY)

Group exhibition"Shin-Nihon-Kiko"(SUNABA GALLERY)


Campus exhibition"kokorahen-no-katachi" bySeminar of painting,Osaka-Kyoiku University(Osaka-Kyoiku University)

SUNABA competition 2017(SUNABA GALLERY)​

Group show feat. IKEDA Hikaru "Beyond the memories"(SUANBA GALLERY)【Artist of planning exhibition】

The 4th "Ichi-ten" (Irorimura[89]gallery/Osaka)

The co exhibition by Seminar of painting,Osaka-Kyoiku University (Osaka-Kyoiku University)

Group exhibition"The Man's Room"(Osaka-Kyoiku University)【Organizer・Planner】

​TATSUYA Art Competition 2017 (GALLERY TATSUYA / Aichi,JAPAN)



Campus exhibition"The Ridge Line" by Seminar of painting,Osaka-Kyoiku University(Tamago Gallery in Osaka-Kyoiku University)

​The 4th grade exhibition in Seminar of painting,Osaka-Kyoiku University(Tamago Gallery in Osaka-Kyoiku University)

Group show feat. FUKUSHIMA Ai "Banquet of Japanese paintings"(SUNABA GALLERY)【Invitation artist】

The 5th "Ichi-ten" (Irorimura[89]gallery/Osaka)


The Degree Show 2019 by Fine Arts,Osaka-Kyoiku University(Contemporary Art Space Osaka CASO/Osaka)

Artexperience(Contemporary Art Space Osaka CASO/Osaka)

Re Artexperience(Contemporary Art Space Osaka CASO/Osaka)


The group show"The dream of flowers in the spring night"(gallery hydrangea/Tokyo)


Campus exhibition"Trajectory" by Seminar of painting,Osaka-Kyoiku University(Tamago Gallery in Osaka-Kyoiku University)



SUNABA competition 2017  First prize

本サイトは福島愛(Ai FUKUSHIAMA)が制作した作品のポートフォリオサイトです。



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