​ また私の描く「少女」は、全員サバイバー(注1)という過酷なバックグラウンドを持っています。サバイバーは、虐待の後遺症により、新たな加害者となり得る可能性を秘めていますが、そのようにならず、逆境を乗り越えられた人の姿は私の理想像だと考えています。




So far, I have created paintings with a "girl" motif by using Iwa-enogu, pigments made by minerals, and glue . And I have been thinking about who a "girl" is.

"Girl" is the different person to me and myself. That's why I'm thinking about who I am while drawing "girl".


Also, all the "girls" I had drawn have a harsh background of survivors (Note 1). Survivors have the potential to become new perpetrators because of the aftereffects of abuse, but I think the figure of someone who has survived adversity, not to become them, is my ideal.


While continuing to draw my ideal image of "girl", from around 2019, I began to think that I want the space surrounding her to be the ideal world. My ideal world is one that free from all disparities and discrimination, exploitation from the socially strong, violence, physical or mental distress, and fear of death. And I think it exists somewhere different from the space I am in now.


Currently, I am trying to pursue the figure of a person who should be in my ideal world with paintings.


(Note 1) I think a survivor is who became a victim of abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, and domestic violence in his childhood, and was traumatized by witnessing them, and survived and grew up from them.